Sunday, May 22, 2011

Caring in the Sandhills

You'd be hard pressed to find more caring people than those who live in the Sandhills. They care not only about your stay here but they care about you and your family.
They care so much, in fact, that the Cherry County EMS held a training exercise today on how to work with the crew at Midwest MedAir and how to prepare a safe landing site for their  medical transport helicopter. When you come to the Sandhills for vacation, no one ever plans to get hurt. But what a piece of mind knowing that for those just-in-case situations, help isn't as far as you think! 

Here's a look under the tail section where patients are loaded. Two can fit in the seven million dollar helicopter. One of the crew members said, "If we're not flying then no one can!" That should make anyone feel pretty safe. 
Come and play in the Sandhills - you're covered!
Thank you to Cherry County EMS, Cherry County Hospital, doctors, staff and Midwest MedAir! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring in the Sandhills

The wind is blowing and it's not so gentle. The trees have finally leafed out and fruit trees are in full bloom. Heavenly. Beautiful. The temperature is to reach a nice 60+ perfect for mowing grass right before another set of rain clouds moves in later this week.

There's plenty to do here in the Sandhills besides mow grass however! The baby bison at Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge are busy eating lots of grass....stop there and check them out! They're adorable. If you're lucky you may see a baby elk or possibly some baby prairie dogs.

Have a blessed day!