Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!!

For those of you who couldn't make it to the Sandhills for Labor Day's a little bit of the Sandhills brought to you!

It's not terribly hot at the moment, and the cicadas are droning on and on and on...signaling that there isn't much left of summer.

Using the power of your imagination, this could be you enjoying the splendor of Smith Falls!

 The giant rock at the middle right, fell from the falls in 2009, due to the heat, cold, and ice; changing its face forever.

After the water flows over the falls it continues down a small stream, over the small, cascading falls and out to the Niobrara River.
Again, using the power of your imagination...pretend you're here.
With your family.....friends....extended buddies. Whatever. The tents are up, smoke from grill fills the skies, and you know it's Labor Day Weekend. Can you smell the hamburgers? Steak? Maybe it's s'mores? All of which can be found at our local Hendersons IGA.

Some mammatus clouds fill the sky as evening descends. The backside of the hail storm Hay Springs got?

Here's a Labor Day worthy sunset - no matter what type of weather you're experiencing. Cool winds, not too much humidity, and a crispness that indicates fall is around the corner and the end of the droning of these cicadas.

Really, The Sandhills are beautiful regardless of the weather! Actually, it's their moodiness that make them such a fantastic place to visit...Happy Labor Day, even if you're on work break checking this out on your phone, tablet or desktop. We're always open for adventure and you're always welcome!
Check out the sponsors of and make your reservations for next week, or next year. Stay at Trade Winds Lodge or Valentines Niobrara Lodge. You may want to make reservations now for the annual Old West Days and Nebraska Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

It's not too late to enjoy the fall colors on a trip down the Niobrara with Brewers Canoers. The scenic Niobrara River is a little quieter this time of year.

May you enjoy your pretend visit to the Sandhills of Nebraska!