Saturday, June 20, 2015

You're invited to a fun filled ADVENTURE in Cherry County!!

June 21 is creeping up on us...and you know what that means? Equal daylight hours and evening hours. Cool - eh?

But June 22, every day will be losing daylight by a minute...maybe two...and that means the slow decline of vacation season.

Cherry County Tourism is inviting you to come to the Sandhills and enjoy an adventure like you've never had before.

Abundant rains have made the hills green, the rivers full, the links lush,  and the falls're invited!

Plan your vacation to the Sandhills and let our sponsors to help with your adventure!!!
Trade Winds Lodge, can help you with accommodations; and you can get excellent food to go at Henderson's IGA. Contact Brewers Canoers and Tubers for a trip down the Niobrara National Scenic River. 
Berry Creek Gun and Pawn Shop, has everything you could ever want in the way of firearms, ammo, and reloading supplies - conveniently located right down the street from The Quilting Cupboard, who has wool, cotton and batik fabric, along with patterns from Fear Not Pattern Co.
For a one of a kind gift that is uniquely yours, head over to Outback Screenprinting and Embroidery.
Nim-Rods Bait Store has all you could ever need or want for your fishing excursion - poles, live 
bait, bobbers, jigs, hooks, and plenty of refreshments! 
For some literature about vacations in Cherry County, contact Visit Valentine a publication created by Nebraska Life, or Journey to Western Nebraska, also published by Nebraska Life.

Remember...the Sandhills are your four season, family fun, adventure....come find out why!!!
Visit to plan your summer adventure today!
To watch some of the amazingness of the Sandhills check out our YouTube channel at SandhillsWesternVacations on YouTube.

Let the Adventure begin...