Friday, August 5, 2016

Welcome bikers, star gazers, and those with a love for crazy bargains!

Welcome bikers! We love to hear the roar, rumble, and deep vibrations as you approach Valentine! We're biker friendly and have many amenities to get you to and from your destination including  Sturgis! 

Need a place to eat? How about the Coachlight Cafe? 

Quiet, quaint, and Mary cooks the best burgers, steaks, and seafood around! If you're hungry this is the place to stop! Remember there are wonderful homemade desserts too!

Friday night the public is invited to attend the viewing at the Snake Arm of Merritt Reservoir. If you've never gone, the night is supposed to be cool, no bugs, and clear skies! 

Saturday morning the downtown businesses in Valentine, NE, will be rolling out the proverbial "red carpet" for Crazy Day! Come early to get the best bargains and a chance to win $200 from the Valentine Chamber of Commerce! After you make your purchases, drop your receipt in at participating stores and if you're chosen, you get to win the amount of your receipt, so long as it doesn't go over $200. If you're total was only $50, the drawing continues until all $200 is given away! Most businesses are participating in one way or another...stop in!

See, biker friendly!!

Need something to go quickly? Henderson's has wonderful broasted chicken, salads to keep your girly figure, and plenty of beverages to keep you hydrated on your trek.

Crazy Day shoppers...pick up your very own Valentine tote to hold your bargains, or get ready for back to school! Totes are available at several downtown businesses including Henderson's IGA!

Meanwhile the Rotary sponsored Heart City Throwdown is going on at the Valentine City Park! This is a great chance to win some cash!!! Check it out on Facebook, or just head down to the Valentine City Park Saturday morning, after scooping up the Crazy Day bargains!

Saturday still isn't done! Take the challenge! The ALS challenge that is! Researchers have made great strides and discoveries with the funds that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised. Let's keep those researchers busy with another round of ice cubes and donations.

The ALStars is hosting their annual walk and challenges Saturday evening at the Trail Head Park, across from the Bull Market. Take a walk, enjoy the baked goods, and help out someone you may never know...or someone you know and care about deeply!

 Welcome everyone to Valentine, Nebraska, the City with Heart....from all of us at four season, family fun, destination for Nebraska adventure.