Monday, May 30, 2016

Strong and free!!!

Without a doubt, things in the United States aren't 100 percent perfect. But we have so much to be thankful for! Because we ARE FREE!

There is a population that would trade places with many of us in a nano-second - problems and all; and be happy to walk miles in our shoes....Because we are FREE. 

Sure - there are storms - but by those very storms, we overcome, and become FREE!

We can complain about our dispositions, or sing about our freedoms like the Meadowlark...from sun up to sings of glory and its ability fly free!

From sea to shining sea, we are FREE because of the brave men and women who have come before, who are still standing their posts, and those whose duty is done.

May we know how much our freedom really cost.

Our emblem of freedom is the mighty eagle; soaring above our Sandhills. May we be wise enough to know the cost is enormous and beyond appreciated...daily.

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