Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sharing the symbols of a very Merry Christmas from the Sandhills to your house!

One of the first things you notice about Christmas is the lights! They're a beacon of hope; Jesus was born in Bethlehem and became the Light of the world! 

Angels are made in the snow, are hung as decorations on our trees, and even grace the lamp posts in our communities. One of the first things Angels say when they make their appearance is, "Fear not." An angel came to the Virgin Mary and told her of God's plans for the birth of Jesus.  
After His birth, an angel came to the shepherds in the field and said, 
"Fear not; for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people."

Merriman, NE,  decorates their community with angels. 

 Who doesn't like a gift? Granted, there are those who have a hard time receiving; likewise, there are those who have a hard time giving. 
God's love for us was so great that he gave us a perfect gift in the baby Jesus. Presents reminds us of God's gift - the way to eternal life in Heaven through Jesus. 
Pictured above is the Cross and Santa and his reindeer at the Bowring Ranch in Merriman. 

The Christmas tree...where did its tradition begin? There are many different theories, some say Druids and other the Germans. The evergreen is a symbol of eternal life. It keeps its needles all winter long. Not to mention the food and shelter it provides for all of God's creatures. 
This Christmas tree is near the post office in Merriman.

 How do you feel when you unwrap your Nativity Scene? A barn. 
Some say it would have been more of a cave. 
Either way, Jesus came from humble beginnings, his first bed a manger. Until you live in the Sandhills, or are around livestock, a manger filled with hay has no particular significance. 
But when you're in a barn, all the noises, the animals chewing their cud, the soft baaaaaing of sheep, and cattle who want that hay...does the manger take on a different significance.

Remember,  He's closer than the phone booth in Cody, NE! Always. That's His gift to you! 

Kilgore, NE, decorates in lanterns, reminding us of the Light of the World! 

Valentine has candy canes, trees, and candle sticks to decorate the town. There was the thought that the life of Christ was depicted in a candy cane. The white represented His purity, while the red signified his blood shed for you for eternity. Three stripes represented the Holy Trinity. 

The Sandhills wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. One filled with joy, laughter, and His love. And if what you had really wished for, hoped for, and wanted wasn't under the tree...come visit our quaint shops where they have something for everyone! 

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A very Merry Christmas!