Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Your timing is PERFECT for a Sandhills Vacation!

Haven't taken your vacation yet? Now is the perfect time! Temperatures have been cooperative. Traffic is slowly headed back home, which makes parks, campsites, and hotel rooms less crowded. Not to mention Main Street is having all sorts of sales...and it's nearly back to school. Sales you don't want to miss. Room and campground availability and weather that's perfect!
Here's some other things you wouldn't want to miss...

We'e had rain, which means GREEN! This is looking over the Snake River at Prairie Club. 

Don't care for bugs? Sure, but who can say that about a butterfly? This year there have been plenty. 

Even on a hot day, refreshment has been provided for this little sparrow...aren't you just as important?

So take off! Literally! Get out here in the middle of the Sandhills!

Don't let the storms of life keep you away....

Reflect on how great you'll feel after a Sandhills Vacation....

Sprint, run, or prance out here...this is photo was taken approximately a week ago, what a beautiful sight!

Too busy at the office? We have Wi-Fi...you're covered!

The calming blue waters of Merritt Reservoir are waiting to be fished, frolicked, and had fun in. 

The sun is beginning to set on the summer fun season...

The peaceful scenery and traffic are worth the drive!!!!

Even the clouds are cooperative. Stunning really. 

The sun is setting earlier and earlier...a crispness is in the evening air. You're invited. Come and vacation here in Nebraska's Sandhills!

Get a MOOOOOOO-ve on...the greeting committee will be standing by!
Let the sponsors at sandhillswesternvacations.com help you plan your perfect, family fun, four season, vacation!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Tonight!!!! Don't miss the PARTY!!!

It's the annual Nebraska Star Party!!! Tonight!!! Friday, August 1...you're ALL invited!!!

Be there at 9:00 so you can hear all about our stars, the Milky Way and maybe even see a meteor!

This ghostly image is someone climbing a ladder to see a deep space object with a huge telescope! You're invited to observe down on DOB Row! That's what these huge 
telescopes are called...Dobsonian's!

Not all deep sky objects require the use of a ladder. Either way, come on out and make new friends!

Or sit and visit with old friends under the pristine Milky Way at Merritt Reservoir's Snake Campground...five miles or so past the dam. It's a night you'll always remember!
For more information about the Nebraska Star Party go to: Summer Time Fun on SandhillsWesternVacations.com...
Enjoy the show!