Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's a beautiful morning out here in the Sandhills!!!

While traveling through the Sandhills early this morning I saw some amazing sights....

I was greeted with this marvelous sunrise.

I know the sun rises and sets every day - typically I'm up to capture the sunsets - ONLY.  But we have been blessed with RAIN!!! So the hills are green and full of grasses and wildflowers and definitely worth the drive. 

I was amazed at how the colors reflected upward into the tiny cloudlets floating above greeting the morning. 

I had a LONG road ahead of me but was stopped in my tracks when I saw...

 ...this hawk perched on this fence post preening for the day to come. It ruffled its feathers....
then took off for some mischief.

This hawk was not invited to the small birds' nest and they let it know that it wasn't welcome. The power of the little ones overcame the boldness of the large one. (A good lesson...)

Under the fullness of the Supermoon, the hawk decided to perch on a power pole and mope perhaps? 

 But the bravery of the little bird persisted...taunting the hawk to take flight....

And save the nest from an uninvited guest.

There are many sights like this along the highways and byways of Nebraska. Cherry County sits at the intersection of Highway 20 and Highway 83 and is in the center of the Sandhills.

Consider all that there is to see and do when you take a Sandhills Western Vacation!!! Let the sponsors at: http://sandhillswesternvacations.com help make your vacation one that you'll remember and share with your family every season....because we're inviting you to visit our nest and are hopeful the long roads you travel will be filled with sunshine and good times!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Flag Day!!!

Long may she wave!!
A very sincere thank you to our soldiers, past, present, and future, for keeping our country free and the home of the brave!

You are deeply appreciated :)