Sunday, July 2, 2017

Your reply to..."What are we going to do for the 4th of July???"

What a question...."What are you doing for July 4th?" Like it's your place to make the plans for a big are you going to do it????

It can be a tough one to answer...clearly you'd like lake activities, grilling, fireworks, but....where?

Right here in Valentine, Nebraska! There's everything you'd need right here to celebrate your July 4th holiday right. Not too far away either.

We have many amenities....

We have Merritt Reservoir...

We have the Niobrara River....

We have golf at Frederick Peak...

And of course several waterfalls!!!

As for the rest! We have that covered as well!

We have the parade at 11:00 a.m.

Because no July 4th is ever July 4th without a parade.

Immediately afterwards, head over to the Valentine High School where you can listen to the recitation of the Declaration of Independence that our forefathers wrote and signed. Because of their audacity - their bravery to fight a crown across the ocean - we have many freedoms to enjoy daily! George and Martha Washington are always there and do appreciate a helping hand.

You have opportunities now to head back to the water, get in that round of golf on the Tom Lehman and Chris Brands designed course...take a nap, or enjoy some terrific BBQ!

In the distance you may hear the roar of the engines who are competing in a smash 'em up,  bonafide, good old fashioned demolition derby!!! You can win prize money if you get there early enough and bid on the right car.

 Finally as the sky turns's time for the Lions Club sponsored Rockets Red Glare!

There are lots of ways to celebrate July 4th and now when someone asks, "Hey, what should we do for July 4th?" You have an awesome answer...and it's not too far down the road... "We're going to go to Valentine, Nebraska!!! With people who will make us feel right at home!!!"

Thank you in advance for coming to our celebration of America's 241st Birthday!

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