Friday, October 23, 2015

Make time for fall adventure in the Sandhills!!!

It's ever changing...the skies, water, foliage...and it's all here for you to enjoy! Come and take a peek at what your fall season, family fun, adventure could be like!

There were still campers at Merritt Reservoir enjoying the colorful storm rolling in. Only a small amount of rain fell, but left behind this remarkable scene below!

Berries - big deal? Not necessarily. They attract wildlife. Are you a bird watcher? There were several species flying around getting their fill. For the more disciplined, they may have gotten a great photo of them nibbling; however there were other distractions...

...the stellar colors of the screaming yellow and lime leaves against the brilliant blue of the sky.

 There's something magical when the sun hits the fall grasses...what luminance!

With the time change, the sun will be setting earlier, but you can still see fascinating things like these pods which have gone to seed.

Creeks are flowing swiftly and beautifully! This is Fort Falls which will flow into the Niobrara River!

Hiking anyone? Some thoughtful group of people put stairs for the deer to climb up and down the steep inclines of the Sandhills. Not really! They're there for you and your family - yes your furry family as well - to enjoy. Do yourself a favor and wear sturdy shoes, not flip-flops!!!

There's more to the family Valentine there will be the kiddy parade Friday, October 30 beginning at 4:00 p.m. Booohhahahahaah!

Nothing incredibly scary like a dark forest reflected in the lake, or a giant spiders web ...

Scary like a lion perhaps??

The parade has some interesting characters...some you may recognize like the Mario Brothers! Some aren't so recognizable. Their shadows are also disguised as well...very clever! Line up at First and Main Street and let yourself be seen...4:00 p.m.! 

After the parade and trick-or-treating for candy, with special thanks to Valentine's businesses, kids can continue to the square in front of the Justice Center for more fun! Giant Jenga anyone? Video games? 

Looking forward to your presence at Moonlight Madness after these activities! From 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. it's hard to say what madness will be going on inside participating businesses. Sales? Of course. Oddities? Naturally! There's one way to win prizes and Chamber Bucks...keep a keen eye out for something that doesn't quite belong!!!

Enjoy your Sandhills Adventure this fall!

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