Thursday, May 23, 2013

NEWS FLASH! Car Show is June 8...News Flash!!!

I must humbly ask all you car enthusiasts for your forgiveness...I just found out the car show is REALLY June 8, not June 1, as posted in a previous post or on the Web site.

A week more to finish vacuuming, polishing, shining and any tweaking that needs to be done is now yours. Yay!!!!

(That's my positive spin on this....)

So, we're looking forward to hearing you rumble into town JUNE 8....

And, we'll be just as happy to see you June 1 if you so desire!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's a Classic!!! The annual Classic Car Show and Nebraska Life Magazine!

Treasures abound in these Sandhills and you know if you've been here. You really know if you live here. And if you've read about them - well - you know too.

One treasure we all hold dear are our beloved vehicles. Classic, rusty, foreign, or brand spankin' new. They're special. They hold what's special - our families that we also treasure.

So get your vehicle spiffed up and bring the family to the 29th annual Valentine Classic Motor Club's Car Show and Parade that will take place June 1.

Arrive before 6:00 p.m. at Henderson's IGA parking lot, located on Highway 83. Enjoy the sights around you. Feel the power, the muscle, and good vibes. A lead car will have you winding around Valentine, weaving in and out of several senior housing complexes, where the residents will have treasured memories of their youth.

Everyone will wind up back at Scotty's Ranchland and the Frosty for a bit of good-eats, good conversation and make treasured friendships.

Another classic is Nebraska Life Magazine! Their May\June issue - on newsstands now - showcases  treasures nestled among the Sandhills, specifically the Snake River. Publisher and Editor Christopher Amundson has photographed and narrated his trip down the Snake with fellow photographer Jack Nordeen and river guide Ryan Kelley.

Christopher will share with you the sights, sounds, aquatic life, and wilderness that surrounds them as they walk through ankle breaking boulders and the ever possible encounter with a rattle snake - for which the river was named.

The story: Snake River: One Bite at a Time, is narrated so well, that you will feel like you're right there, walking with them; exploring a treasure deep within the canyon walls of the Snake River.

Also in the May\June issue is a little bit of fact, myth, and legend, on how early settlers would care for their treasures. Encompassing the entire state, writer Matthew Spencer sheds some light on where buried treasures may be found in the story: Dig into the Ultimate Treasure Hunt. From wells along the Niobrara River around the German Settlement, to the likes of Buffalo Bill Cody and Doc Middleton, Matthew will have you dreaming of treasures buried deep...or not so deep.

 Treasures, real (like our beloved families and classic or otherwise vehicles) or surreal (like the Snake River) are all here in the Sandhills. Waiting to be discovered.

Won't you discover some of them? Come to the Classic Car Show - in whatever will get you here or pick up the latest edition of Nebraska Life Magazine. They're available on local newsstands, or by subscription at

Looking forward to seeing you this summer so you can soak up some treasured memories for yourselves and have them become classics you can share with your kids and grandkids!!!