Sunday, September 23, 2012

Unused Vacation Time...come on over and GOLF!

 Labor Day is done and over are back to school, and dang, you have some vacation time left over...what to do?
 You can see the clubhouse overlooking the Snake River way below. This is also considered one of the most beautiful holes on the course. YOU could be here!

According to The Ryder Cup Issue of GOLF magazine, a Sports Illustrated Publication, we have a little something right here in the MIDDLE of NOWHERE that has been billed as one of the TOP 100 COURSES YOU CAN PLAY!
 Up close and nestled in with the landscape, the Prairie Club has all the amenities anyone would want after golfing. There are lunges, a pro shop, nicely appointed rooms and seclusion...fresh air...and  wonderful experience awaiting you.

The Prairie Club's Dunes Course wasn't listed as #1, but was listed as a new course in 2010, and they're already ranked as #78 in 2012.
 Go ahead....get your putter!

For those who are curious, #1 went to Pacific Dunes in Brandon, OR, and #2 went to Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, CA.
 But they're not nestled in the Heart of the Sandhills. Check out that you suppose designers Tom Lehman and Chris Brands made it look like a heart? 

While Gothenburg is a bit away from Valentine, Nebraska, they have a course listed in the Top 100 Courses: Wild Horse Golf Course and is ranked as #73 this year and was ranked #67 in 2010.
 Even the Easter Bunny needs a great place to rest. O.K., so it's not the Easter Bunny, but there's no telling what type of wildlife you'll see. 

But wait...there's more! The Prairie Club has not one, but two different courses in addition to the Dunes Course, there's the Pines Course. The Prairie Club has also built new accommodations that overlook the scenic Snake River.
 A bunker you will definitely want to avoid...but beautiful none the less. 

 Nice green fairways with a lot of rough spots typically which are typically seen on Scottish links. 

  The September 2012 issue of GOLF magazine suggests there's no reason to cash in your frequent flier miles to reach a trophy course, but if you do have vacation days left...and frequent flier miles to use, why not think about making the Prairie Club a destination?  You won't be sorry you did! And you won't b able tow ait till spring to try the course again. And we'll be waiting for you then as well!