Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valentine's Day in the Heart City - No BULL!

There are many activities planned for the weekend before Valentine's Day to celebrate this holiday of love.
Sounds like a lot of bull? Not really, but we're headed in that direction with the annual Bull Bash, February 11, 2012. Valentine's Main Street is blocked off with bulls and equipment vendors lining the street. There is the 4-H Luck of the Draw - buy some tickets and you may be lucky enough to win that prize.

 The curly headed Herefords are a favorite.

 The Bull Bash is a place fit for royalty even.

 Ranchers discuss the best genetics and qualities for cattle production.

 Pens of Angus, Charolais, Maine-Anjou, Hereford, and Limousin, line Main Street. The City puts out Welcome flags for the exhibitors and visitors to the annual Bull Bash.

There's enough equipment to have any man drooling just like a woman in a shoe store!

A look at the many different items that have been donated for the 4-H Luck of the Draw. What would you like to be lucky enough to win?

Will you be lucky enough to attend? Check back and see some more sights of the annual Bull Bash that will be held February 11, 2012, rain, snow or sunshine!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy New Year and Valentine's Day!

We're half way into a new month, and just slightly into a new year ... here's hoping 2012 is going to be a fabulous year for you and yours. We're just about a month away from Valentine's Day...that day set aside to show family and friends how much you love them. Of course, you can always tell them.

But why not show them. If you're looking for someplace secluded, spend your weekend in a cabin nestled in the Sandhills at the Double R Guest Ranch. Call toll free at 866-217-2042 to book your retreat. They're open year-round and you and your loved one can gaze at the stars with an unobstructed view. No...not the stars in each others eyes....the stars in the heavens above - doesn't that sound romantic? There's a 1908 sod house one room school house that can be explored...among other things.

While there hasn't been any snow on the ground, here is what it could look like at the Double R Guest Ranch should the white stuff make an appearance.

Photos courtesy of Double R Guest Ranch. This is a very historical location and a place where you can make history as well. Call Double R Guest Ranch to make arrangements for a fantastic Valentine's Day get-away at 308-546-2314, or go to