Saturday, July 30, 2016

I was going too, but.....DON'T PUT IT OFF!

As I write this several changes have occurred. The first is that my mom is still in the hospital and has been, in one form or another, since February. The toughest thing about this is there is nothing I can do to change things, except say prayers.

My mom in peach, my aunt in mint, maid of honor in pink, my uncle in the far back, my dad, and little me in the best lavender dress my mom made,  for my uncle's wedding!

Other things in Valentine have changed as well. Remember that cute quilt shop, The Quilting Cupboard, that you were going to visit but didn't make or have the time. To her delight, she is closing to spend time with her family and grandchildren. Visit her Facebook page to see what zany, crazy, sales she may be having. A couple other Valentine businesses are closing as well and just as joyfully, to spend time with their families!

Which is why I titled this: DON'T PUT IT OFF!

Were you thinking of making a trip to Valentine? To the Sandhills? To Merritt? To tube the Niobrara?

The time is NOW! Before the kids go back to school. Here are some of the fun things that have been scheduled for your enjoyment!

From July 31 through August 5 is the Nebraska Star Party! And it's one of the darkest parties you'll ever be invited to!!! Deep space objects, the Milky Way, star constellations, family fun! Do you have a telescope at home that needs upgrading? This is the place to be. There is a swap n shop that also includes books on how to use your telescopes, what to look for in outer space, and a challenge to find the 110 objects that French astronomer Charles Messier catalogued in 1771. Friday, August 5, is open to the public. But you can be included by signing up for the entire week by going to Nebraska Star Party. You can also see some of the fun by going to SHWV's Nebraska Star Party.

Hang around a day and enjoy the Rotary Sponsored Disc Golf Tournament! There are monetary prizes!!! The tournament will be held at the Valentine City Park, click here for more information.
This is a non-sanctioned event.

Some like disc golf, others like bargains! August 6 will be full of bargains as well!  CRaZy BaRgAinS for a CRAZY DAY!!! Get some back to school clothing, tools for your college bound student, there's bound to be a bargain you can't or won't pass up! Make sure you stop at Outback's new location!

Later in the evening, Norden Dance Hall will be hosting the band Outback. Dance, have fun, and dance some more! DON'T PUT IT OFF!!! Directions to Norden can be found here. And the dance is held in the big red barn!

August 10-14 is fair time in Cherry County. There will be music, those delicious funnel cakes, carnival rides, spectacular blue ribbon animals, the pavilion decked out with all kinds of vendors. Kids, mow a few lawns to earn money for rides and the games...DON'T PUT IT OFF!!!

Other changes that you may not know about...Norden Bridge was removed over the spring, and replaced with something completely different.





And the final change is to Snake Falls. I'm sad to report that as of Wednesday, July 20, 2016, Snake Falls has been closed to the public until further notice. People have been disrespectful and left trash behind, there have been thefts, defacing the falls, and non-payment of the $1 fee to see the falls. Lastly, there are new liability laws and safety is their paramount concern. They are working on options for future viewing.

As you make your plans, be sure to stop at the Chamber sponsored businesses and pick up one of these nifty totes, made by Outback Screenprinting and Embroidery! The Chamber is using these as a fund raiser, and they're filled with all kinds of goodies, coupons, and fun stuff! Look for them when shopping in Valentine. They're large enough to carry magazines, a laptop, or a great lunch for two! But still pretty classy to hang on too! 
Dean Jacobs, the Executive Chamber Director models one so fashionably! 

There's still quite a bit of summer left in the Sandhills! Don't wait until it's too late. Grab your loved ones, come out and enjoy what there is in the Heart City, on our waters, and make memories. Cherished memories. 

I will always have memories of my parent's visits. It would be a miracle if my mom would ever return to this little slice of don't be the one saying, "I was going too, but....

We welcome you!

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

We are FREE!!! Time to celebrate!

My parents told me I could do anything I wanted to do. Some countries don't have that luxury. Some men and women already have their futures mapped out for them. But we are free from those encumbrances! And joyfully so!

So come to the Heart City where we will celebrate our freedom with a little mingling from the east, some from the south, and some from the heart!

The festivities begin at 10:00 a.m. when the July 4th parade will begin marching down Valentine's Main Street. So patriotic! Prizes are awarded and the theme is Celebrate Freedom! 

Then to cover the eastern part of the U.S.A. when we remember the original 13 colonies who cherished their independence! The Declaration of Independence will be read and the bell rung for the 13 colonies, for each soldier from our area keeping our country free, and anyone who happens to be at Badger Memorial Field on Green Street, is welcomed to ring the bell for their state or in honor of a service member. 

Picnic...nap....or tune up your jalopy for the Cherry County Ag Society's Demolition Derby!!!! A bang-up good time a little southern style! 

And as the sky turns velvety blue, a few stars will sparkle along with the Lions Club sponsored fireworks and that will get get your heart going! 

We're celebrating America's 240th birthday, and paying tribute to the men and women who gave their all and then some for another year of Celebrating our FREEDOM! Remember you can do anything...and let's make America great nation under God!

Happy 240th Birthday America from the sponsors at We invite you to come and enjoy what the Sandhills have to offer - It's your four season family fun, ticket 4 adventure! Check out the Schedule of events for July and August at the  2016 Schedule of Events...there's a lot coming up for you to enjoy!