Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vacation Planning...

It's mid March, the birds are back, trees starting to leaf out, and the bulbs are blooming...ALREADY!

Above, is a yellow finch, and below is a red finch. Welcome back little ones and thanks for your spring song!

This is a maple tree just shooting out its buds.

You know what that means...time to get the boats cleaned out, motors checked (gas and electric), and swap out the ice fishing poles for the real poles.

The folks at the south refuge say the fish are biting and are doing a pretty good job of it. They have a map that shows all 72,000 acres of the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge. Call Refuge Manager Mark Lindvall for the availability of the maps at 402-376-1889. Remember, the refuge lakes only allow electric motors. http://www.fws.gov/valentine/

The maps have information on all sorts of things, like: the location of all 30 lakes, contours on some of the lakes, the windmills, the pasture numbers, some of the vegetation as well as all the roads. The map size is 24x36 inches and encompasses all 72,000 acres of the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge. Hunters and hikers will find the map useful as well. The cost of the map is $10.00 plus shipping.

The Grouse blinds will be set up soon, hopefully by April 1. It's quite a show those grouse put on to find a mate. While there's no hunting during this season, it's a show photographers really enjoy. Call Mark Lindvall to reserve a blind.

Merritt Reservoir also has open water ready for you to drop a line. Have you made any of your camping reservations yet? It is that time of year to begin thinking of warmer weather - even though we've already set several record high temperatures for March.

Here's some enjoyment at the Mill Pond last Friday. This could be YOU! 
With two poles in the water, his pup near by, and record setting warm temperatures Friday, you can understand the joy his face reveals.
 Also full of joy are these geese who are playing up and over with one another.
 Can you even imagine finding a frog sunning itself... in MARCH???? The record high reached was 84 degrees.
The sky was filled with beautiful gold tones that night. Don't let another sunset without thinking about your Sandhills Western Vacation plans.

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