Sunday, July 3, 2016

We are FREE!!! Time to celebrate!

My parents told me I could do anything I wanted to do. Some countries don't have that luxury. Some men and women already have their futures mapped out for them. But we are free from those encumbrances! And joyfully so!

So come to the Heart City where we will celebrate our freedom with a little mingling from the east, some from the south, and some from the heart!

The festivities begin at 10:00 a.m. when the July 4th parade will begin marching down Valentine's Main Street. So patriotic! Prizes are awarded and the theme is Celebrate Freedom! 

Then to cover the eastern part of the U.S.A. when we remember the original 13 colonies who cherished their independence! The Declaration of Independence will be read and the bell rung for the 13 colonies, for each soldier from our area keeping our country free, and anyone who happens to be at Badger Memorial Field on Green Street, is welcomed to ring the bell for their state or in honor of a service member. 

Picnic...nap....or tune up your jalopy for the Cherry County Ag Society's Demolition Derby!!!! A bang-up good time a little southern style! 

And as the sky turns velvety blue, a few stars will sparkle along with the Lions Club sponsored fireworks and that will get get your heart going! 

We're celebrating America's 240th birthday, and paying tribute to the men and women who gave their all and then some for another year of Celebrating our FREEDOM! Remember you can do anything...and let's make America great nation under God!

Happy 240th Birthday America from the sponsors at We invite you to come and enjoy what the Sandhills have to offer - It's your four season family fun, ticket 4 adventure! Check out the Schedule of events for July and August at the  2016 Schedule of Events...there's a lot coming up for you to enjoy!

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