Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bull on Main?!? Yes...February 11, 2017!!! Wear your boots!

That's the question: Bull on Main?!? 

The answer: Yes, if it's in February in Valentine, NE!!!! And the town welcomes you this coming Saturday, February 11, 2017!!!

The bulls on Valentine's Main Street is called simply The Bull Bash! It's time for ranchers to bring in new....uh...blood stock to integrate into other's herds;  this is the place they come to see the bulls, learn about their lineage along with visiting the equipment dealers. 

Some of the bulls are large - below, some are young like this one - above!

There's cowboys, real live, true-to-the-job, cowboys who attend the Bull Bash!

And care for these gentle giants!!

Who are actually pretty tame!

And are clearly rather curious! Howdy neighbor!!!

There's food for everyone! 

At different locations! Each with their own flair. 

 There's even a wine tasting event!!!! Which can sometimes be held with an art show...

Who doesn't look great sipping wine while checking out some of the best western art in the area? 

Suff for boys of all ages to check out! 

 Contests for young kids as well! This is about love after all! Love of the Sandhills. Love for our area ranchers who keep the hills pristine, and raise the best beef in the world, regardless of the weather conditions....below 0, they're out there...117 they're out there.

 This is the way Valentine, Nebraska shows the area's ranchers how much they're appreciated!

Youth often times use this venue as a way to raise funds for the Washington Focus Trip, bake sales, Girl Scouts sell cookies.....

And the local FFA hosts their annual Luck of the Draw! It's a great way to help the youth as well as get warm, have a beverage, it's another place to eat and visit with family and friends. 
It's held at the Bull Market and everyone is welcomed!

 For the ladies there are plenty of shops on Main Street for them to visit. Nelsen Furniture is hosting the annual Quilt Show. Judge your favorite!

 Come to the annual Bull Bash held in Valentine, Nebraska, February 11, 2017!!!!

Eye hope to see you there!!!

To find out more about the Bull Bash go to: Bull Bash, or pick up a copy of the Valentine Midland News for the schedule of events.

Be sure to get your honey something for Valentine's Day!!! More about that at: Cupids Mailbox!!!!!

 Make your Nebraska 4 Season, Family Fun, Sandhills Vacation plans now!

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